999 North Hill Avenue

The shooting of Pumpkin Hill

Pumpkin Hill is an AFI film directed by Jennifer Peterson about Haloween and what happened to a certain boy, Joey. The house was used for two locations. The interiors were used for Joey's house and the exteriors were used for the house of Hal, a well-meaning gent who likes to scare the heck out of kids on Haloween.

The small pictures below can be clicked for the full size image.

Dining room setupFrankenstein in dining room

Joey's big brother (AKA Frankenstein) gets his makup while the crew finalizes the shot and the Director of Photography takes a moment for reflection.

Later in the day the exterior is set up for Hal's house complete with fog and green light pouring out the front door. Pretty spooky...


Meanwhile Hal (AKA Count Dracula Himself) catches 40 winks in the breakfast room, marshalling his energies for the performance to come.


And of course, craft services keeps everyone fed and happy on the patio.

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